Take it seriously….. please!!

January 18, 2006

Why don’t people (read business owners) take the web and the opportunities it presents us seriously yet?? With all the talk of Web 2.0 (coming soon….) and online retailers coining it in over Xmas you’d think senior management of commercial ventures would be keen to find out how the web can help grow their bottom line.

Sadly thats just not true yet. No matter how embedded in our daily lives it is, some people still haven’t grasped the benefits they could glean from using the web to their advantage. The question is; do these people just have blinkers on or are they getting the wrong advice?

My advice to all senior management of large enterprises is; if you’re not getting advised to investigate how the web could help you by your employees then get in touch with an expert to do some feasibility studies.

You never know it could be the difference between another average trading year and an extraordinarily good trading year!


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