New beast from the east

January 20, 2006

Being a fan and long time owner of JDM (Japanese Domestic Market) cars, I’m getting very excited about the launch of the new Nissan GTR (due on ’07). As an owner of a Nissan Skyline (and having had two others in the past) I’m fully aware of the pedigree that this vehicle will have to live up to. So far there’s a concept which has been shown at the Tokyo motor show and a website which is currently locked down while they are finalising the design

Rumours are rife about the technical spec, ranging from a 4wd 3.5 twin turbo to a twin charge 4 litre (turbo and supercharger). Nissan are keeping a lid on any leaks about the cars technical prowess but it should come out as a competitor to Porsche etc and if it’s anything like my old R32 GTR then it should be an incredible driving experience.

For pictures of the concept see Dino’s J-Style blog which is a great source of info and some fantastic pictures of JDM cars and life. Dino’s a photographer living in Japan and takes some of the best photos of cars and motorsport I’ve seen.


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