The great software rip off… (sort of…)

January 30, 2006

Once again I’ve found that I don’t need to spend hundreds on a full featured piece of software from a massive software house. I’ve needed a decent piece of software to create flowcharts for a while now and had been looking at Visio amongst others. As fantastic as Visio appears, it’s far too full-on for my needs and I never would have used all it’s features.

So I’m pleased to bring this little beauty to your attention… EDraw Soft. It does everything I need, seems a very light weight app, makes full use of the XP interface, offers a 30 day trial and only costs $30 for a license which includes free updates for life!

Great result and a lost sale for Microsoft I’m afraid.

When will large software houses learn and start offering slimmed down versions of their expensive apps….. (wishful thinking, they’ll probably never need to!)

So not really a rip off, rather a few saved pounds, but either way I’m happy as I have the tool I needed and haven’t broken the bank!


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