Internet business models

February 24, 2006

In a world of fast moving, ever changing business models it was really refreshing to meet up with an old colleague who still runs a business using pretty much the same business model we used 10 years ago. He’s successfully making money year on year and the business model is one that evolves naturally and can take advantage of new technologies as they come up.

Too many people jump from model to model and don’t really put the time or effort into making their initial idea work for them.

Congrats to them! He was an inspiration when he first employed me all those years ago and still is today!


One Response to “Internet business models”

  1. Travolution blogger Says:

    In the online travel arena some companies appear to be changing their business model with every new bottom line. And then they will be told to rip it up and start again when 2.0 is finally upon us.

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