Site launch successful!!

February 24, 2006

So we finally got our spanking new website launched!

After all the problems with hosting etc we ended up diagnosing the problem (which turned out to be caused by the hosting provider). They had various issues with the way they had set up their blade servers:

  • They’d left paging turned right down so worker processes were causing the servers to hang instead of restarting gracefully
  • They’d left many system processes running which were using up CPU
  • And they’d left backups scheduled for evening time when the site is always busiest!

So now these issues are overcome it’s running nicely with no problems. I’m still not convinced by the utility model and the servers in question aren’t really up to the job that we’re doing (remember they are not the spec I requested!). So we will most likely need to throw another couple of servers into the farm to keep things stable as traffic increases.

But the main thing for me is the relief (and proud feeling) at seeing another site I’ve managed the build of come to fruition.


4 Responses to “Site launch successful!!”

  1. Duncs Says:


    I’m kinda local I guess and thought i’d say hi seeing as i’d stopped by your blog.


  2. Steve E Says:

    Hey Duncs,

    As you may have noticed my blog got a bit forgotten about what with being too busy etc at work recently. Going to make a concerted effort to get back into updating it again now.

    Nice to see another local. What do you do in Eastbourne?

  3. Duncs Says:


    Hey mate. Isn’t it always the way that the moment you step outside this country it turns tropical!

    Sorry I missed yr first reply to my comment, I’m new to this blogging thing. I’m never sure whether to leave replies to comments on my site or on the commenters!! Oh well, i’m getting there! Just.

    What do I do – Marketing, freelance. Interesting to see that you work in internet/new media etc. You work local?

    Whereabouts you based in EB?

  4. Duncs Says:

    Don’t even mention Hayfever! Arrrggghhhhhh!!!

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