Is MySpace the devils work???

July 3, 2006

By the time you come to read this MySpace will have been officially named as an invention of the devil if the general hysteria and poor journalism continues. Now personally I’m not a huge fan of MySpace. I find it clunky to use, ugly to look at and full of people I don’t generally want to have as part of my social network. However it’s certainly a major force on the web today! With so many users it’s going to be a force to be reckoned with for some time to come (until someone sells it, or something less clunky and more functional takes off (Bebo??)).

The press of the moment is getting ridiculous. Any netowrk with that many members is going to have a few nutters in it’s midst. I believe the problem lies in people who aren’t savvy enough to spot the wierdos and who aren’t techy enough to protect themselves. Parents have a job to do these days to educate their kids in the ways of the predators so they can protect themselves.

Yahoo Chat used to generate the same kind of stories and hysteria and thats now dieing a death and is full of spam bots and pervs. Will we see MySpace go the same way??


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