Accessibility in the clothing industry…

July 10, 2006

So, first it was River Island with their Flash only site with no alternative for those of us who cannot view sites in Flash and now Diesel, one of my favourite brands, have done the same.

Diesel however, have performed the cardinal sin of not only making it Flash only but also not implementing it very well! I have Flash player 9 on my laptop and 8 at home, it doesn’t work with either if you go to in either IE6 or Firefox. However if I enter the direct address of the SWF file it works fine (although pretty slowly).

Now I find it extremely narrow minded of these brands not to consider the disabled or blind user by not giving an alternative format, but to then not implement their sniffer code as well is unforgiveable for such high profile sites. I’m amazed Diesel haven’t been picked up for this as River Island got such a slating, I’m expecting all you bloggers to make sure people know!

Have a look at the Diesel site and let me know if you see any more than this:


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