SEO in the travel industry

July 24, 2006

It amazes me everytime I visit Google just how many major travel companies don’t appear when I perform the most basic of searches! For example I search for ‘holiday in spain’ and only one of the companies I’m expecting appear in the top 20 natural results. Change that to ‘holidays in spain’ and it’s slightly better (two more appear). The same applies for terms such as ‘caribbean holiday’, again some of the big players are no where to be seen (again, change that to ‘caribbean holidays’ and they fare slightly better).

So I go off to have a look at some of the big players websites….. So many of them never change their page titles as you browse through the site, it’s constantly ‘such and such, the number 1 for holidays’ or similar. A simple change to make the page title specific to the destination a user is browsing would help dramatically (eg. ‘such and such, the number 1 for Florida holidays’ etc).

There’s so much that these companies could do to position better in the major search engines both quickly and easily. It’s certainly not rocket science, it’s actually very easy to get yourself at least in the top twenty for most of your terms and not impossible to get top ten!


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