Cool SEO tool

July 27, 2006

Came across this excellent link last night that gives a visual representation of the top 100 links in Google and Yahoo for any one search term. It also displays links that appear in both and where they position. It’s really useful, especially if like me, you’re trying to optimise your site for specific high volume search terms.

Have a look at the tool here.

It’s incredibly useful for a company in travel as there’s so much competition online, not just from competitors but from affiliates etc as well.

For example try ‘dubai holidays’; you can see that the Dubai Sands hotel does incredibly well for that term as they position top in both. But then try ‘dubai holiday’ and the Dubai Sands is 4th in Google but doesn’t even show in Yahoo (so maybe they’re not quite so good).

Then try ‘all-inclusive holidays’ and there is still quite a lot of crossover (although not as much as the Dubai term). But if you change that to ‘all-inclusive holiday’ there are only 3 sites that appear in both, so potentially an opportunity for others to focus on that term for both engines and get good coverage.

For an example of someone who’s doing this pretty well try ‘package holiday’ and ‘package holidays’. You’ll see that position high up for both!

Anyway, enough of that, I need a holiday now


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