Airport security and baby milk

August 15, 2006

So airports in the UK are getting back to normal slowly after the recent terror alerts. It’s caused quite a drop off in bookings at the travel company I work for and a loss of business through cancellations. I reckon the new restrictions on hand luggage may well be here to stay which will annoy all those business types (me included) who like to carry a small wheeled case onto the plane to avoid the queues.

It was amusing to see the lack of preparedness of some travel websites. We’re well set up with a message system that can be included or not included on the site easily when it is needed. Other websites weren’t so lucky! Thomas Cook Signature chose to dump a whole message into the middle of their homepage which totally runied the layout, other sites had obviously hurriedly added a new section to their homepages with little thought for layout (or in one case standards as they used font tags and depracated tags).

All we need now is for hurricane season to start in earnest and our targets will be a distant memory…


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