Sometimes you forget how much you enjoyed something…

August 16, 2006

In my job I look after all the technical aspects of a million pound a day travel website. I love my job, I get to talk to the best techies, inspiring marketeers and loads of very boring commercial headed bods 😉 The one thing I don’t get any time to do anymore is code xhtml and css.

So the last few nights I’ve been getting home at a decent hour and coding just for the fun of it, bringing myself up to date with some of the latest hacks and techniques and I’ve realised just how much I miss both the creative aspect and the perseverance required to get the layout just right (in every browser available).

Building pages that look stunning in the latest browsers and degrade perfectly in a handheld is so satisfying! I’m now thinking I may need to get my hands dirty a bit more often at work!


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