Bubble, bubble, toil and trouble…

September 4, 2006

So with all this talk of Web2.0 etc are we back in the midst of another bubble? Well all the signs are there, it’s become fashionable to work in web again (no longer am I considered a geek:), VC’s are handing out money like it’s water, start-ups are hiring speedboats for parties and launches, buzzwords are back, everything has an anacronym and recruitment consultants are my new best friends 😉 Word is Yahoo are making their biggest marketing spend in the UK since the last bubble on the launch of Yahoo Answers.

However, I’m feeling positive this time around! I’ve worked in online since 1995 so went right through the last bubble and burst. Last time there were so few companies I actually thought could make it and was proved right by the huge number of collapses. This time round thewre’s some much more attractive offerings! The companies who survived the last burst are the ones who stuck to their business model and didn’t change just to try to sound hip.

I’m sure there will be a fallout after the investing slows, there always is, the weaker offerings will fail again but the difference is there are many more strong offerings now that are likely to suceed and continue to grow. This growth will help keep the industry moving forwards and while some peoples bubbles may burst, for the majority I feel it’s going to keep growing (albeit at a slowed pace).

Time will tell, but I’m much more positive about the chances of success this time around!


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