search…. goes live!

September 12, 2006

But I can’t work out what if anything has changed?? It appears that it’s just MSN search and it’s now been pulled under the Live banner of products. has left beta today for a number of markets around the world. It makes sense to pull the search tools under the same banner especially seeing as Spaces and Local both sit within the Live family and search will be an integral part of both of those offerings.

Microsoft is certainly going all out to attract the web2.0 generation, but to me it just doesn’t feel right. It looks like they are doing it just to try to keep up. The motivations in the Microsoft camp appear a little desperate right now which is a shame as some of their offerings are really quite good! I really like Local anyway 😉

While I’m on MS, I’m waiting to see how good the MSN Adcentre product is, my agency has recently moved our campaign over to Adcentre but so far it’s not performing as well as it was through Overture. I’m beginning to wonder whether our agency has enough experience with Adcentre as I’m having to do a lot of analysis and prompting about bid levels which I never had to do before!


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