September 14, 2006

Been keeping a close eye on progress of this beast from Sumo Power . Now announced as finished this R33 GTR has been built to challenge the quickest 4WD drag cars in the world with it’s aim to beat the HKS record time (7.something seconds over a qtr mile). A lot of the spec is similar to the HKS car but knowing Sumo’s history I’m sure there’s a few choice modifications that will give it the edge.

Built to compete at Pro Drag level it looks like no expense has been spared in preparing Fuujin. Some choice looking cooling mods including a massive air duct at the front show excellent attention to detail and understanding of what it takes to go as fast as I know they are planning to!

Andy Barnes history with his Ichiban R34 shows that he certainly knows how to drag race (he broke the 10 second barrier in the UK long before anyone else) so I’m expecting this to go into the 8’s pretty quickly. Will be fantastic to see a UK car that is able to compete with the best worldwide and it looks like this one will live up to it’s promise (unlike so many others).

Not sure I’m so keen on the colour scheme, but I’m certain it will look awesome flying up the strip at Santa Pod.

As you can see from the image below, the engine looks extremely well thought out and put together.

Best of luck to Andy and all at Sumo! They deserve success for putting so much effort into this monster! Now all we need is Keith Cowie to get his beast running again and we could be in for some amazing races!


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