Do you Sportsdo?

September 18, 2006

An ex-colleague of mine who’s an extremely gifted technical wiz with the rare talent to be able to talk turkey with the business world set up a range of GPS based mobile services a while back. I’ve just been to check out his progress and the service is looking amazing now!

The service is called Sportsdo, originally it was a range of services aimed at specific sports (Skido, Rundo, Snowdo, Cycledo and Bikedo) but he’s now got a single service aimed at users of any sport or leisure activity that involves movement. The idea is that you install the Sportsdo software on your mobile phone (they support Windows Mobile and Java based phones), plug in a GPS receiver and go take part in your activity. The software tracks your progress using GPS to give you accurate realtime performance stats. It can generate live and accurate readings on your speed, distance travelled, time, gradient, calories used, pace, total ascent and descent. A full log of your exploits are created and can either be viewed on your phone or uploaded to the Sportsdo portal.

The software has a Live option which can transmit real-time performance information to the web so everyone can see how you’re doing. You can even set it to send regular text messages containing your key stats to your mates as often as you choose.

The portal has a community feel and you can share info and meet other enthusiasts through it. You can create your own sportslog which stores your sporting achievements and sorts all your data for you. The sportslog contains Google maps showing your routes and image maps from Google Earth. You can even upload pictures taken on your phone and they’re fixed to the maps at the points they were taken.

The portal has a really nice blog feel to it and a lot of influence has obviously been taken from various Web2.0 companies. I’m really pleased for the guys involved as they have been nursing this idea since it started as a way for two techies to see how fast/far they were skiing on their expeditions. The great thing about this service is it’s been developed by sports people for sports people, it just so happens that the sports people who developed it also happen to be extremely technical! I’m sure Sportsdo will be a success, there are so many activities it fits with (motorsport comes to mind) and the possibilities are endless.


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