IE7 preparedness, no panic needed if you apply web standards!

September 25, 2006

Travolution has run a story about travel websites and their lack of preparation for the launch of IE7. Apparently some of the major online travel sites will need some tweaking if they are to become usable with the latest Microsoft browser. It’s understandable that there may be alignment, font and other presentation issues but the article alludes to rather larger issues at a couple of websites.

It seems very poor to me that these companies aren’t prepared and haven’t built their websites in such a way that a new browser is an easy thing to deal with. If a site is built with web standards in mind with valid, semantic well formed markup then it shoudln’t prove to tasking to check it and tweak stylesheets etc to make it render identically in IE7. Of course, all those websites which have tried to jump on the Ajax bandwagon may find the task of getting ready for a new browser that little more difficult!

I’m sure all these people will be ready by the time IE7 makes it’s presence felt! It is however quite pleasing to read the Travolution article as we are ready for IE7 and most of our competitors are mentioned!


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