Holistic advertising from Microsoft

September 26, 2006

At least holistic across the MS range of platforms! Microsoft have announced an effort to combine all of their advertising channels under one umbrella.

Many idustries have been converging their services to create holistic offerings (risk management is one that comes to mind) and I’ve always thought advertising was a natural fit for the holistic model.

Microsoft Digital Advertising Solutions will deliver customers adverts to Windows Live, Xbox, Live, Office Online, Live Search and MSN users. Of course with this breadth of platforms it means adverts will be served on PC’s, handheld computers, smart phones and Xbox which makes it an extremely attractive proposition for advertisers.

This should help to make AdCenter more attractive to the large agencies and opens up all sorts of future possibilities.

Imagine a version of AdCenter which allowed you to bid in a PPC manner for your advert to appear on the billboards of games being played online, and being able to optimise your bidding to appear 70% on Live Search, 10% on Xbox and 20% on MSN. This could prove to be an incredibly smart more by Microsoft as it tries to lure advertisers away from Adwords. The extra pull of being able to advertise on other platforms easily could sway some media buyers!

Now all they need is a TV platform (contextual/behavioural advertising on the red button anyone?) and a radio deal (as Google are said to have) and they’ll have most aspects covered.


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