Netvibes update… not entirely happy with it!

October 1, 2006

Netvibes is my favourite of the feed aggregating homepages. It’s set as homepage in my browsers and currently holds approx 100 feeds and widgets categorised into tabs. I find it incredibly useful as I don’t have to visit all of these websites to see the latest updates I have them brought straight to my desktop.

As such I leave my Netvibes open pretty much all day full screen in the background. When I want to check the updates I click on it to bring the window into focus. This has never proved problematic until this update!

Feed links have always only been hyperlinked through the title of each story but now Netvibes have made the hyperlink carry on into the whitespace to the right of each headline. Not much of a problem unless you use Netvibes like me. Now, everytime I click Netvibes to bring it to focus I hit a headline by mistake and end up seeing the preview. You can see below that the highlighted headline goes right through the white space of each feed that area used to be safe to click on, but no longer.

It’s usability has diminished and it’ll take a bit of getting use to until I remember to click on the edge of a page or down on the Windows Taskbar to bring it forwards.

This minor niggle aside the update has sharpened a few design points and released a few new modules, nothing ground breaking but it still does the job. So please Netvibes, go back to your old way of hyperlinking headlines, just for me? I’m sure there must be others out there who will find this a pain!


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