Tesco set to release software titles

October 1, 2006

The UK’s biggest retailer Tesco is set to launch a number of software titles it has had developed exclusively for its customer base at what appear to be very reasonable prices. It’s a move guaranteed to create waves in the software industry as the titles are promising to be in competition with some of the largest software firms out there and with such a huge customer base they will no doubt steal some market share for these titles pretty quickly.

Tesco are promising six software titles including office software, a security suite, cd/dvd burning tool and photo editing tools. The prices have been announces as ‘less than £20’ to challenge what Tesco calls the current high prices of software today. Title such as these could bring it into direct competition with the likes of Microsoft and Symantec which can only be a good thing for consumers.

The software has been developed by software firm Formjet who If I remember rightly distribute Panda and Ability software so that could account for the security and office systems. I hope the office system will be compatible with Microsoft Office file formats as that will make it a real option for users who don’t want to spend the money Microsoft products command.

Tesco say they are trying to bring choice and value to the software market, which is great. Not everyone is aware of the free and open source software that so many tech savvy people use so this will give them a real chance to save money and move away from the high prices suppliers. It will be interesting to see how this goes down with your average Tesco shopper!


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