Email addiction, a growing problem

October 2, 2006

EROI, those nice folks who are terribly good at email marketing and produce quality quarterly reports on the state of the market have released some figures from a survey they carried out to measure how addicted users are to their email.

The figures are quite astounding with some headline figures being:

  • 61% of people surveyed said they continue to check email while on holiday (that’s me)
  • 56% said they feel a high level of anxiety if they cannot access their emails for a period of time (me too)
  • 1/3rd said they read email every day (yep, that’s me too), 90% read them six days a week and 75% reply six days a week
  • 2/3rds expect a response to an email within a day (umm, me too)
  • half admitted that they can’t get up or go to sleep without checking email (sigh, I am seeming obsessed now)

It seems there may be some hope however as 55% admit that email takes up more time in their life than it should do. Not sure I’m quite ready to admit that, anyone for email counselling?


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