Yahoo opens up email API

October 2, 2006

Very shrewd move by Yahoo to announce the opening up of their mail API to developers this week. It’s the first mail client to open it’s API who have a really sizeable user base. Yahoo are hoping that web programmers will develop useful add-ons and clever ways to receive and deal with email.

Yahoo Mail has been plagued by talk of spam filled inboxes for years so any extra input from outside developers to combat spam will really add value.

Other possible developments could be new looks for the interface, reader software to have Yahoo mail outside the browser, widgets, message previews and other add-ons to add value to email (possibly making use of other Yahoo services such as Answer and search).

It’s a great move from Yahoo as they can’t possibly create every mail add-on that every user could want so the legions of programmers who hopefully will be attracted to this API may be able to do some of these things for them.


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