Google Searchmash

October 5, 2006

Google has launched another search engine called Searchmash. It’s obviously a play ground for them to try out Ajax add-ons to their engine and find out what users like and don’t like. At the moment there’s not that much to it unfortunately and most features seem a bit uninspired.

For example it displays the top three image results for any search, useful yes, but also a bit unnecessary, if I want images I’ll do an image search. It gives you options such as ‘open in new window’, ‘view archived copy’ or ‘more from this site’ at the click of a button from a drop down. That is more useful but they’ve made a bit of an error by making the action for this sit on a green link which just looks like the search result link (easily fixed though). Another feature is the ability to drag each result and reorder them, quite why I’d want to do this I really don’t know!

The most useful feature of this search is the ‘more web pages’ link at the foot of the results. This acts like the ‘next ten’ of a normal search engine, but in this case it simply displays ten more below and scrolls down automatically to display them. It appears that they are returning much more than the ten links of the normal Google interface, sorting them and then displaying ten at a time without the need to refresh the page and go to a new url so it is much quicker!

Searchmash has great potential, as does everything Google touches, but I would expect a few more innovative features to appear soon if it is to take off. Perhaps this is the Google interface of the future and once tested here the features may migrate to


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