Pop-up ad use decreasing fast

October 5, 2006

Good news from the Internet Advertising Bureaus’ (IAB) latest report into online advertising trends, use of so called ‘interruptive format’ advertising has decreased by 9% from a year ago. Pop-ups (and I’m assuming pop-unders) now represent 0.7% of all online advertising. Hopefully this is due to decreasing levels of users interacting with the adverts as web users get more savvy.

Seven years ago I wrote an article for an online magazine stating that the only way to get rid of the menace of intrusive ads was for people to vote with their feet and stop clicking on them (just close them). It seems that finally users are clever enough to know what is a forced pop-up and what is actually useful content.

I assume the report doesn’t include overlays in this figure as they seem to be getting more prevalent and are taking over the mantle of most annoying ad format for me.

In context (and in text) advertising would appear to be the way forward (or the only one I can see) for advertisers to continue pushing adverts in front of users. At least that way it requires an interaction from the user to activate the adverts and their easier to avoid mousing over than overlays.

Keep advertising contextual, useful and value-add! Hopefully the overlay will decrease in use too as they spoil the experience of websites for many.


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