Google making more money from mobile than PC’s in Japan

October 6, 2006

Good article in the Ecommerce Times today regarding Googles ambitions in video, radio, print and mobile. Well worth a read to see what the plans are for Google to break into print and radio.

For me the most interesting fact in the article is a line regarding text based mobile ads. Google has been testing the technology in Japan and has announced that they are making more money from the mobile ads than they are from ads displayed on PC’s in that country.

That’s a pretty amazing claim! Google say they will be trialing the technology in the U.S. next. Mobile web uptake is huge in Japan with iMode having taken off in a big way a few years ago so it’s not surprising that they make good revenue out of it. The fact that it commands more bucks than normal web ads is surprising though. Perhaps Japanese web users are more sceptical of the paid links than their U.S. and European counterparts? Then again, maybe it will take off in the same way in the West as well.

Google has seemed to be lagging in mobile lately, but news like this makes you realise that they are just as likely to dominate that medium as they are most other ventures they move into.


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