Sometimes it’s the simple ideas that will make the money

October 8, 2006

Some people spend millions on focus groups and planning to try and get their grand ideas off the ground only to have them fail miserably and disappear into insignificance. Not so the person behind

He’s taken a simple idea and built a platform to turn it into reality, and now he’s gaining press coverage and it’s looking like it could take off in a big way. allows people with a spare parking space/driveway/garage to offer it for rent to those needing parking in their area. Visit the website and you can enter a town, postcode or venue and get returned a list of parking spaces up for rent.

This simple idea has been used by residents near the Wimbledon tennis complex. Every year they put their spaces up for rent to tennis fans and it’s proved highly successful.

This simple service looks set to be one the next big things. Mashing up Google Maps to return the results in a visual manner makes it an easy to use service. And hooking into the perrenial problem of finding a parking space is sure to make it a success. This is a prime example of using the web to solve a need of people everywhere and exactly what web 2.0 is all about.


2 Responses to “Sometimes it’s the simple ideas that will make the money”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Also a nice free online tool is “Picsfromspace, lookup your place by address” at “”

  2. Anonymous Says:


    Are you a garage or storage owner or property owner with garage assets?
    – Would you like to see your revenues increase by attracting new clients to your property?

    LEEDS (UK) 12th October, 2006 –GetACarPark.Com has the solution to drive traffic, increasing visibility, turnover and quick sale of your property.

    GetACarPark.Com wants to take the hassle out of finding a place to store or park a car in crowed cities where to find a space takes patience and luck through the launch of a Web-based marketplace to broker the transaction.

    Possibly the most innovative idea for helping drivers park their cars comes from GetACarPark.Com, a Leeds based enterprise that has created an online marketplace where people can trade information about available parking places, even rent out their own driveways, storage spaces and buy or sell used cars.

    “Clients can’t purchase or sell public spaces or assets,” says GetACarPark.Com founder and CEO Edgar Mthemb, but you can use our marketplace to trade information about when and where a space or what car is available.

    GetACarPark.Com is betting on a couple of new ideas to connect buyers and sellers through its online marketplace. Driving around in search of a parking space in towns and city centres is never fun will be launching a parking spot locator service via mobile phones in the next few months.
    Registered users will post the location and price of a parking or storage spot they plan to leave or make available on specific times and days. Seekers would search for soon-to-be-available spaces and make contact of their willingness to lease or rent. The parks on offer are a mixture of private driveways and car spaces in apartment buildings.

    One of the biggest hassles of car ownership is finding a place to put it when you want to get out of it. In certain crowded parts of certain crowded cities at certain very crowded times, finding a space requires varying proportions of good luck and great patience.
    The big idea is that property owners with storage or garages or driveways to park cars during the day can advertise them for rent on the site. The parks include a mixture of private driveways and car spaces in flats and go for between £50 a month, and as much as £500. This is an enormous source of income to the property owners.

    “For example if you live in town or airport or near city centre or railway station, and are away for a particular time of the day, we invite you to list your parking spots and help others from avoiding unnecessary parking tickets. You will earn yourself a reasonable amount too,” says the CEO.

    A financial boost for the owners, the scheme has attracted hundreds of listings in just a few weeks. But it faces potential regulatory problems, with one council wondering if it is legal.

    The website is based on a simple idea. Property owners with vacant car spaces can advertise them for rent, and commuters seeking cheap parking can use the site to look for a vacant space.

    Under the scheme, tenant pay rent to property owner; the website charges a one off listing fees on the marketplace until the property finds a customer or the owner personally deletes it. There are no commissions taken from the final values payable.

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