Webwag signs deal with Yahoo for personal start page search feature

October 9, 2006

Webwag, one of the better personal start page services, has become the first to offer a search of the feeds you have subscribed to on your start page. The first I’d heard of Webwag was when I read about this on Mashable this morning, they’re obviously not getting as much coverage as Netvibes/Pageflakes etc, so I thought I’d take a look.

The service itself looks pretty good, the interface is quite nicely implemented and it’s very quick at loading. There’s a few obvious issues with text alignment in module titles but those are small issues that I’m sure will be rectified pretty quickly (once they start getting a bit more exposure).

The search has been created in partnership with Yahoo, this is a smart move by Webwag as it gives them access to an established player with technology at their disposal. When you perform a search of your page it gives you the results from your feeds first and then normal Yahoo search results afterwards. Of course it includes the sponsored links from Yahoo Search Marketing as well so that’s the attraction for Yahoo in this deal!

I expect Netvibes/Pageflakes and the others to release something similar too. The real coup here would be to implement the search yourself (instead of using a third party) and then sell sponsored links (or just display Adsense) so the revenue is all yours. This could be a way for Netvibes et al to monetize their service and start gaining some much needed revenue!


One Response to “Webwag signs deal with Yahoo for personal start page search feature”

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