Video Search 2.0

October 10, 2006

One of the things that comes to mind post Google/YouTube merger is what this means for the way we search for video content online. With video becoming more and the fact that is a totally different beast to other content (text/images) it requires different ways in which to order and find it. Up to now Google uses algorithms (as usual) based on descriptions or titles and categorisation. YouTube however uses the more social manner of allowing users to tag videos and create the categories that way.

It seems that with the coming video content explosion (it’s already happening but we know it’s going to get more prevalent) we need new ways to organise the content. Googles manifesto reads that they intend to ‘organise the worlds content and make it more accessible and useful’. Could video search be the reasoning behind the acquisition?

It makes sense that it is one reason. Some way of using metadata, tags and search algorithms would seem a good way forwards. Google recently bought an image recognition specialist Neven Vision who had also been working on facial recognition in video, could this be another trick Google have that could be integrated into the way we seek out video in the future? Seems plausible!


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