Windows Live mobile search to include pay-per-call ads

October 10, 2006

Microsoft has signed a deal with Ingenio to include sponsored pay-per-call adverts in the search results of Window Live mobile search. These nifty little ads are keyword specific and allow a user to click one and make a call direct to the advertiser.

Great! Now all three majors have mobile sponsored listings but how useful will this be?

If the adverts are only keyword targeted then possibly not all that. The thing with mobile is that it needs to get location aware in order to really deliver the goods in pay-per-call advertising.

Imagine searching for a pizza place and getting an advert for a chain that don’t have a branch near you. A bit frustrating I would say! However, throw in location awareness (something that surely must come to mobile soon) and suddenly the adverts become highly targeted and much more useful to the user. Add in GPS positioning and you’ve really got something very powerful. This seems like it should be a natural progression for mobile adverts, first step contextual, next step locational!


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