Most expensive Google Adwords terms

October 11, 2006

This is a list of the top 50 most expensive Adwords as at September 2006. It’s amazing to see the high prices some terms command. You would think there would be more competition, and therefore higher prices, for terms to do with holidays, travel, electronics etc. Some of the terms such as the ones to do with loans may be an indicator of the high debt levels currently experienced by students, which in turn is a good indicator of the economic health of the U.S. right now.

It’s hard to believe that every time you click on an adword for the term ‘school load consolidation’ you cost someone nearly $70. It makes all the terms in the campaign I run (over 10,000 terms) seem cheap by comparison!

You can see how Google makes such a fortune out of pay-per-click!

Adword Average CPC
school loan consolidation $69.16
college loan consolidation $68.35
car insurance quotes $66.88
school consolidation $66.29
auto insurance quotes $65.90
college consolidation $64.04
student loan consolidation rates $60.14
sell structured settlement $59.82
sell annuity $58.92
federal student loan consolidation $58.58
auto quotes $58.09
auto insurance quote $57.99
student consolidation $56.96
student loan consolidation $56.91
student loan consolidation interest rate $56.52
consolidate student loan $54.61
san diego dui attorney $54.56
car insurance $53.16
structured settlement $52.96
consolidate school loans $52.88
student loan refinance $52.44
consolidation of student loans $52.43
consolidation loan rate $52.04
citibank student loan consolidation $51.85
car insurance quote $51.80
consolidate student loans $51.23
private student loan consolidation $51.05
lasik new york $49.86
student loans consolidation $49.82
private loan consolidation $48.95
insurance quotes $48.78
teleconference services $48.72
the art institute of seattle $48.68
federal loan consolidation $48.61
plus loan consolidation $47.74
student loan consolidation programs $47.58
bad credit equity loan $47.46
houston criminal attorney $47.44
student loan consolidation calculator $47.19
cash settlement $47.12
consolidating student loans $47.09
orlando culinary institute $46.84
student loan consolidation program $46.77
orlando culinary institute $46.69
consolidation loan $46.54
loan consolidation $46.54
orlando culinary institute $46.51
ditech $46.32
auto quote $45.77
sallie mae student loan consolidation $45.69

I guess maybe I should move out of the travel industry and into school loans 🙂


2 Responses to “Most expensive Google Adwords terms”

  1. 100Student Says:


    I recently published an article on the dangers and benefits of student loans and other forms of college financial aid – here is a quote from it, in case you are interested:
    Student loans repayment can be a real nightmare without adopting some strategies that would help the new graduates to organize their social and financial life. Here are some strategies they can use to do this:
    – An additional part-time job;
    – Freelancing is another option (meaning that they can do particular pieces of work for different organisations, without working all the time for a single organisation);
    – They should try to keep their living expenses as low as possible (live in a smaller apartment, live with a roommate to share some of the expenses, find an apartment that is closer to the job, to eliminate the extra-expenses for transport etc.);
    – To apply for forbearance (this is an immediate solution for hard times when the new graduate is in impossibility to re-pay the amount of money and the need for student loan consolidation becomes apparent; it is a temporary period, when the graduate can postpone or delay his or her re-payments until a later time on a federal or direct loan after the beginning of the re-payment, and when the student doesn’t qualify for deferral). The forbearance must be applied through the lenders of the loans.
    – To consolidate the payments.
    If you feel this help, please drop by my website for additional information, such as federal student loans information or additional resources on private student loans .



  2. Samuel Colon Says:

    Unvalibable, too much money involved.

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