UK online ad spend rising

October 16, 2006

The Q3 2006 Bellwether Report published today, shows a trend towards an upward revision in marketing budgets. Perhaps this marks an end to the consecutive budget cuts seen over the past year or so. Online and direct marketing saw the strongest gains, whilst traditional media budgets continue to slide.

Online marketing budgets continue to show better performance than other channels with strong gains as in previous quarterly reports. The best figure from the report, and one that will make online marketeers rub their hands with glee, is the fact that 11.5% of UK companies now allocate in excess of 15% of their marketing budgets to online.

That’s a quite staggering fact and equals a huge sum of cash getting ploughed into the digital world. That figure has more than doubled since 2000 and I would expect the growth to pick up and continue at least into 2008.

So as ad spend seems to be slipping or stagnating in many channels it appears online is here to stay, the advertising world as a whole may falter but the piece that touches the online world appears safe for now.


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