Serious computing power on demand

October 17, 2006

Very interesting post on GigaOM today regarding Sun Microsystems. Sun have developed a new approach to computing on demand aimed at corporates who require that little bit of extra power on demand. They’ve put a data center codenamed ‘Project Blackbox’ in a standard 20ft shipping container which can be delivered to any site which has electricity, chilled water and an internet connection.

The system can contain up to seven racks of 35 servers based on either Sun’s Niagara Sparc processor or an Opteron chip from Advanced Micro Devices, so that’s a pretty powerful set up! Using a new cooling system Sun say this can solve the costly problem of data centers that use a lot of space in expensive areas and enable corporates to move their data centers out of the city into cheaper areas easily and with very little land costs.

Google was rumoured to have been working on a plan to stuff as much computing power into a container sized area as possible, perhaps this is the fruition of the experiement?

Great idea anyway, we pay a fortune for secure data center space and a system like this would certainly be of interest.


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