IE7 released by Yahoo first

October 18, 2006

So Yahoo seems to have taken the lead in something (see my earlier post on their woes). They’ve released a final version of IE7 optimised for Yahoo users before Microsoft has released IE7 Final itself (they are still only offering RC1 on their website).

Microsoft are touting this as an example of how great their new browser is and how easily partners can customise it. Well they would say that as they haven’t got it available for download so quickly!

Quite surprised Google haven’t either got into bed with Mozilla or tried the browser market themselves yet, seeing as they’ve tried almost everything else.

Microsoft are releasing the browser before the end of this week and it will be in a critical update at the end of the month, so penetration of the browser should grow very quickly.

Hope you’ve all been testing, what was the old Scouts motto…. Be Prepared!


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