Google to restructure, corporate style

October 26, 2006

It seems the days of no structure and table football in the office may be over…. Just kidding! I’m sure the ethos of working for a company like Google will never day but there are rumours flying about that a restructure is on the cards. (a fantastic e-biz blog) has the news that a significant re-organisation in the way Google do business is coming. It’s all around how their account management is structured and functions. I’ve not noticed any short comings in my dealings with Google but what’s being talked about makes sense.

The thinking is that it will result in Google having global account directors to deal with each account who would be tasked with pulling in resource from other areas of Google (paid search, video, radio etc) as and when they were needed. It’s a similar model to an agency I worked for many years ago and worked very well with large accounts and even the smaller ones.

Putting some kind of formal structure and methodology in place could be a shrewd move for Google, not that they don’t have a methodology, but to formally announce one will raise their profile with large corporates considerably. Despite their size and profile Google still have a reputation for being a bit ‘fly by night’ and lacking some structure in their business dealings, although this is most likely just old businesses reaction to ‘new business (or e-business).


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