Adsense for audio coming, what next…. video?

October 27, 2006

Google‘s showing signs of being in the midst of developing Adsense for audio. This would be a natural progression considering their radio interests. To monetize audio such as radio, podcasts, streams would be a very cool next step for Google and if it could be as accurate and optimisable as Adsense it’ll do very well. More on this at the wonderful

Google has a voice search patent so I reckon this is quite likely going to happen with the next few months. This could get really interesting if it ends up with a contextual advertising service that can be used in radio and online audio streams.

Now, take this one step further and bring video into the equation… Google now owns the biggest piece of online video real estate in the combined audiences of Google Video and YouTube. They also own a company called Neven Vision who have all sorts of funky patents for video search including facial/object recognition. Put all this into the context of Adsense style contextual advertising for video and you may well have the monetization of YouTube sussed out!

Being able to contextually display advertising on the same page as the embedded video based on the video content is one thing, but being able to display in-context advertising within the video itself is an entirely more exciting proposition!

What do you reckon?


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