IE7 now coming automatically; so were they ready?

November 2, 2006

Microsoft has now released IE7 as a high priority update, so expect penetration to increase dramatically over the next week or so. Now is the time we will see how ready all you webmasters are!

I posted some weeks ago about being prepared for IE7 and ensuring your website was compatible with no adverse effects on layout and style. I suggested that there was no need to panic as long as your site was built well and adhered to basic standards.

It seems that a lot of large companies weren’t quite up to speed! Etre (a fantastic usability company I’ve had the pleasure of working alongside) have done a bit of digging to see just how ready people are. The article on their blog shows that a lot of large audience sites were caught out. Of particular note (and a particular surprise to me) were the likes of bank Alliance & Leicester, Lloyds TSB and Northern Rock. With large audiences and facilities such as online banking you’d have thought they’d have ensured preparedness. But no…

Etre’s article is well worth a look as it contains screenshots showing the differences between IE6 and IE7. None of it looks too major but I’m sure some wrists will have been slapped for failing to be ready.


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