Amazon to launch pay-per-click advertising

November 3, 2006

Clickriver is now in public beta. This is quite an exciting development from Amazon/A9 as they’ve chosen to build their own system to do this rather than syndicate Google Adsense or another solution.

The reason for going it alone is most likely because they really don’t want any competing products displaying on their site. They’re looking for complimentary advertising rather than competitive.

It will be interesting to see quite how much functionality there is in Clickriver. As a travel company based in the UK we’d want to only display ads on for example. We’d also only want our ads to appear when someone mentioned a destination in their search or were looking specifically at travel related products. So having this kind of functionality available to you through whatever interface Clickriver uses is really important.

As an official paid search fiend I’m quite excited by the prospects of this and it leaves scope for other companies to do similar. perhaps are big enough to do something like this.


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