Microsoft embracing open source

November 3, 2006

So, apparently Microsoft are now embracing open source technologies and getting all huggy with Linux and PHP suppliers…

The news came out earlier this week that they have developed a partnership with Zend to ensure that the experience of running PHP on Windows Server improves. Great news, about time MS acknowledged what is one of the most widely used web application languages.

It’s been announced today that MS have reached a deal with Novell over it’s brand of Linux. Again, great to see MS embracing another popular and widely used open source technology.

So do we think there are any motives behind this other than a general willingness to become more open and supportive of what are essentially competing technologies? Could there be an element of Microsoft wanting to have some say over these technologies. If they throw their advertising might behind them this will be a way of them establishing a foothold and making sure they can keep their own products compatible as well.


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