Second Life to host Big Brother

November 7, 2006

I wouldn’t normally blog about Big Brother, I can’t stand the tv programme. It churns out wanabee celebs who really have no talent or anything interesting to offer me. I find the nations fascination in these people incredible, I have zero interest in knowing what they are all getting up to in that house.

But being a tech freak I am interested when Endemol (the production company behind Big Brother) announce that they are going to do a virtual version of the show in Second Life.

Fifteen international Second Life residents will occupy a glass house on the site, with each one being voted off over a month until a winner remains. The final contestant will receive a virtual island within Second Life. It’s said that contestants will spend up to 8 hours a day in the virtual world (sounds rather boring to me).

I find this interesting as it’s another example of a real world brand moving into the virtual world. I hope Endemol use this as a learning experience to broaden their knowledge of Second Life so that they can keep improving their integration with the virtual world. It’s such a good way to raise your profile, make yourself look cutting edge and expand awareness of your brand offering!


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