Google radio ads to launch this year

November 8, 2006

Google is moving full steam ahead with it’s plans to offer Adwords users a way to get their adverts onto the radio. The word is that this should be live by the end of this year.

Adwords advertisers will be able to sign up to offer contextually targeted radio ads on a variety of radio networks. There’s no news as to how this will work exactly yet so I have no idea quite how automated this will be (anyone know)?

Google is hiring a load of people who can sell radio advertising to strengthen its position in the field so that makes it sound like there won’t be all that much automation involved. However this is yeat another channel that Google plan to offer and should go down very well with the kind of advertisers who will be attracted to their print newspaper offering.

There’s also rumours going round that Google may be in talks to either buy inventory from or put money into (to secure inventory) Clear Channel Communications (operators of over 1200 radio stations in the US). Although apparently Google has been approaching other radio operators too. If Google can secure deals with these operators this could launch in a very big way and Google could quickly find itself one of the biggest providers of advertising to the US radio networks.


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