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November 8, 2006 has launched now. This is the first truely visual search facility on the web and has been something I’ve been keeping a tab on for a while (knowing someone who worked on it). Riya are a company who have worked on technologies such as facial recognition in photos and they’re putting some of their fancy technology to work on the web. provides a way to find things visually, if you submit an image it will return results that are visually similar, if you submit a text query it will convert that text into a visual search (using meta data one would assume) and again return results that are similar.

So far it’s only offering searches on fashion items (seems a natural place to start) but this could get really useful once it broadens it’s reach.

Soon you’ll be able to upload an image and look for similar results. This could be really useful for copyright holders etc.

This is a route I’d expected Google to go down after their acquisition of Neven Vision but it seems they’ve been beaten to it this time. It’ll be interest to see who’s first to implement this type of visual recognition technology into a video search.


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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Riya is not alone out there, Pixsta a company who has launched ChezImelda
    a visual browsable shoe index with 90,000 shoes is currently expanding into other categories. ChezImelda has similar functionality. The name is inspired by Imelda Marcos. I tried but it seems to be very slow compared to the easy interface ChezImelda offers.

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