Second Life in virtual thief problem

November 17, 2006

A piece of software has been developed which allows users in Second Life to replicate any exisiting content without paying for it. This is causing mass consternation amongst the residents of the virtual world as people are making livings out of supplying avatars, clothing etc.

The program called Copybot has been developed by libsecondlife, which is an open source project that receives support from Second Life creator Linden Labs.

This is the first threat to Second Life which has been receiving nothing but great PR for weeks. Something as simple as the Copybot has the potential to put users off and cause a drop in the huge amount of cash changing hands daily in the virtual world.

How long until they face they’re next big hurdle? I think it’s likely to be pretty soon and will most probably come in the form of the U.S. Government and their opposition to the free and untaxed trade which is going on.


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