Pontiac now enter Second Life, and the ‘grey goo’ attacks

November 20, 2006

Another corporate Second Life entrant has been announced this weekend. Pontiac have set up a virtual dealership offering one of their models of car for a few dollars to users. The car can be acquired in a stunning array of collars from polka dots to stripes (and I thought Pontiacs were ugly enough anyway!).

The Pontiac dealership is set on Motorarti island and the rest of that island (96 virtual acres) will be given away in lots to Second Life members who are interested in setting up a car related business. Ideas for these include car customising garages, drive in theatres etc. Sounds like a good move by Pontiac to expand their reach beyond purely their own dealership, if it works out it should build a nice little community of Pontiac related businesses.

In other Second Life news a worm has hit the virtual world which almost brought the servers to a standstill. Spinning gold rings (no it wasn’t Sonic) began appearing and as a user interacted with them they replicated and spread across the Linden Labs servers. This caused extremem lag and at one point Linden Labs had to lock out all log ins while they began the task of cleaning up. The issue is now resolved but this is the largest denial of service attack on an online game to date. With such a large amount of trade going on in Second Life it’s got to be a big target for denial of service so I’d expect to see some extra security put in place asap.


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