Bye bye Google answers

November 29, 2006

Google has shut down it’s Answers q&a service. This is a bit unexpected, it always seemed a viable service, perhaps the emergence of Yahoo Answers and other similar services have fragmented this market so much it isn’t viable any longer.

Google say they are shutting it to concentrate on search, could this herald some new developments in their algorithms that would have made Answers obsolete anyway? Wishful thinking I reckon. Much more likely that Yahoo has grabbed a large part of the market for this kind of service and Google see’s it’s expertise better used in other places.


2 Responses to “Bye bye Google answers”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    seems like you are making excuses for google’s failure.

  2. Steve E Says:

    Failures perhaps a bit harsh for something that was started as a side interest (thats all it ever was to Google). One thing Google are guilty of is spreading themselves far too thin and jumping into new areas without real consideration or a plan of how to progress them.

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