Aggregating social network feeds

November 30, 2006

News yesterday that Bebo have launched a personalised homepage feature which pulls data from your list of friends together in one place. Great advancement for the site and incredibly useful (and I’m sure MySpace will follow/extend their functionality to provide this).

However, how much more useful would somewhere that pulls data from Bebo and MySpace onto one page be?

The answer lies in services such as Iceflake and the newly launched Spokeo. Both offer a personalised homepage that pulls data from many social websites (Bebo, MySpace, YouTube, Flickr, Xanga etc).

Netvibes etc do offer some integration with social networks and websites (and of course there’s always RSS), but I reckon that the first personalised homepage service (who has an established large audience) who offers similar functionality to Iceflake/Spokeo will become very busy very quickly!


One Response to “Aggregating social network feeds”

  1. Julie Says:

    Steve- thanks for the mention! We are indeed looking to depart from the grain-fed social network market into something that can help distill and compile content for our readers to experience. It’s been quite a journey to see the interest in Spokeo surge ahead, and we appreciate your take on it!

    Julie of Spokeo

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