Zoho plugin for MS Office announced. Killer app?

November 30, 2006

Zoho have today made three announcements on their blog of new pieces of functionality they are releasing. The most interesting of the three is a new plugin for Microsoft Office! This plugin will allow users to open Zoho documents in Office applications, save Office documents to their Zoho accounts and even add an Office document to an existing Zoho document (good move for collaboration!).

Currently it’s only Word and Excel that the integration works with, hopefully they will find ways to extend it to Outlook (for calendering) and Project as Zoho have a Planner and Project app.

They’ve beaten Microsoft to the funtionality everyone said should have been in Office Live when it launched (and wasn’t). This really makes Zoho useful to a much greater degree than when it was purely an online office suite!

I’d expect MS to counter pretty quickly (if they have any sense)! Otherwise this could become the killer app of the online office world, certainly makes it much more useful than Google Docs & Spreadsheets and Office Live as it is.

The other announcements relate to the new Zoho API’s which willow tight integration between other web apps and the Zoho suites, and Desktopize (a partner) who have customized their product to make Zoho apps seem more like desktop apps.

I like Zoho, a no-nonsense company who deliver apps that work and are really useful and aid productivity, surely this is what Web 2.0 is all about!


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