Yahoo steps up to the plate to address the needs of brands online

December 1, 2006

Smart move by Yahoo reported by Mashable yesterday. Yahoo are going to launch ‘brand’ mini-sites. The move by Yahoo to engage some of the biggest brands around is being touted as a possible way out of the doldrums for belaguered Yahoo who seem to have been in a spell of static growth for quite some time now.

It’s an opportunity for Yahoo to leverage some of the social aspects of their holdings such as Flickr,, Answers and MyWeb. The aim is to build mini portals based on a brand and pull content from these sources together with original content to build a hub around which fans of the brand will want to browse.

Yahoo says they don’t necessarily need to have engagement from the brands, but of course that will help dramatically if they can get their buy-in and leverage the brands own content to make something really unique.

So far they have launched Wii Portal and talk is of moving into big name brands such as Lord of the Rings and American Idol.

I think it’s a smart move as it will give Yahoo a chance to build something pretty unique and also useful to it’s visitors. These types of mini-sites should command high traffic and with buy-in from brands offer a good experience to users. I’m sure advertising will feature heavily, perhaps that’s something that may hold some brands back from getting really involved, but whatever happens I’m sure the brands will be pleased for the extra PR and it does address the need for them to get more involved in the ‘social’ revolution.


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