Yet another local search facility…

December 4, 2006

Yahoo and Google both have their local classified/map hybrids up and running (and they have been for some time), Microsoft have Local Live so it comes as no surprise to hear that Ask are also launching a similar product today.

AskCity (currently still needing a password to access) is launching today to quite a lot of fanfare and buzz on the blogs. A contact at Ask told me to ‘keep an open mind and wait and see’ promising much deeped content, reviews, local info etc that it’s competitors. I’ll save judgement for later on when I’ve had a play.

Ask are lucky in that IAC (their parent company) already own CitySearch which has been running close to ten years and therefore has a wealth of content which is being pulled into AskCity. They’ve also linked it with restaurant booking service, Ticketmaster for event booking, ReserveAmerica for campsites and Fandango for movie ticket bookings, all great features and adding something truely useful to a maps offering.

Another great feature is the ability for users to add something to a customised map and send a link to that map to friends. Birthday party coming up? Pin the location on a map, add some notes and send it out as an invite.

All this shows some innovative thinking by the guys at Ask, taking the standard locate service one step further than it’s competitiors. The word is that down the line they will be merging this with other IAC properties such as and Looking forward to seeing this as it sounds really promising!


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