launches today promising more intelligent video search

December 5, 2006 has quietly launched itself today, promising a new era in more intelligent video search online. A similar service to YouTube it offers video clips for viewers to watch and upload facilities allowing contributions.

The differentiator comes in the form of a more intelligent search facility that allows users to search not just for the whole video clip but also for specific points during the video clip. They have a free Video Activator Tool which allows users to specify, describe and tag specific points during a video clip, thus making clips searchable within the video as well as for the entire thing. Tags and comments can be added while a video is being uploaded and while other users are watching.

The hope here is that this way of meta-tagging will make the content inherently more useful to members by allowing them all to contribute to the search index and make videos more discoverable.

The Activator also allows users to specify an interactive element within a video which can then be linked to a website etc. This could be promising for brand owners who always like to seed their virals onto sites like this. The ability to hyperlink their product through to a site where you can purchase it could be a really important step for video sharing sites.

The tagging isn’t unique, other video sharing sites allow this way of adding tags to split clips into searchable segments, but the tool and added value to advertisers is great. Unfortunately I can’t see this becoming as huge as YouTube anytime soon, and I’m sure YouTube will have something up their sleeves to make search more intelligent on their site and Google Video.


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