YouTube ‘should check copyright’ proactively

December 5, 2006

The Japan Society for Rights of Authors, Composers and Publishers has stated that they want all videos checked for copyright before they are published on YouTube. Last month 30,000 clips were taken down from YouTube at the request of the Japanese rights group.

The policy at YouTube up to now has been to remove clips after they have received a complaint from a copyright holder. It’s beginning to seem like this may not work for much longer!

The group have also requested that people uploading videos be forced to register their details and then face bans from the site if they persistently upload copyrighted material.

I think it’s going to take a legal precedent for this whole YouTube/copyright drama to settle down. Until we have a precedent I can’t see YouTube changing their ways! Unless of course Google announce some amazing video copyright screener from someone like Neven Vision??!?

Edit: Interestingly, an article in Business Week is discussing copyright protection software for video. Apparently Audible Magic have a product called Motional Media which fingerprints videos for copyright purposes. Gracenote are also working on a tool that tags the audio signature within a video again to allow copyright to be applied to it. My guess is that Google may be developing something themselves (as I said above) or they may find someone to buy who is doing exacly this, so the rush to be first to market with a solution may be a waste of time.


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