Yahoo, if at first you don’t suceed…

December 6, 2006

Techcrunch have reported on a Yahoo internal meeting where they have discussed the changes required to take on Google etc.

The result of this internal meeting appears to be that Dan Rosensweig, Yahoo COO will leave the company by March. Lloyd Braun, the head of Yahoo’s media and entertainment group will also be on the way out. Chief Financial Officer Sue Decker will take over a reorganized advertising business unit although will carry on as CFO until they find a replacement.

The business is being restructured into three operating groups. The newly created Audience Group will deal with search, media, communities and communications. The Advertiser & Publisher Group will combine marketing, sales and distribution partners to create a global advertising network. The Technology Group will work on product engineering, build new social media environments and work on next-gen developments.

Quite surprised to see Semel survive, I’d kind of expected him to go given the lack of vision he’s shown up to this point. I still believe Yahoo is lacking in talent at lower levels, too many sales people and not enough visionaries, something that stopped me working for them a few years back. I think something more radical is needed to enable them to dominate the market, either that or they should stop striving to dominate and accept what they are good at and focus on those goals instead of trying to be everything to everyone.


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